Friday, July 31, 2009


Gianluca, the birthday boy. I cannot believe he is already 4 years old. And what a loving and affectionate soul he is...He is my second baby, born to challenge me, bring out the best in me as a mother and whoo me with his twinkling eyes and pixie ways. The cuddliest AND loudest, nothing is as easy as it could be with him. So off on another year of exiting adventures and heaps of fun.

This photo oozes of joie de vivre....letting the wind blow through your hair, feeling like a bird flying in the sky.....

The trio in the carriage with zio Matto.

My three precious children.

Well, June and July is are our busiest months. First we have little G's birthday, and then a series of grownup celebrations and the grand finale are Miss L and Miss E's combined birthdays. The two girls were born one day apart, with 4 years between them....The kids in particulare are very lucky, as they generally celebrate their birthdays over 3 days, with 3 cakes and presents spread over the 3 days . It just always happens that way.....there is the family get together, and if it falls on the next day then there is their actual birth day, and then a party with friends...The day will come when we will combine it all and do it on the right date, and they will wonder what happend to the other 2 cakes and presents.

The kids birthday's were a great success and they were suitably spoilt. Little G got a surprise visit from Zio Matto who took the kids on the steam train ride. The smiles and exitement were a wonderful thing to see.
Kids have got just such an unspoilt way of showing their joy and happyness, if we let them.

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