Friday, July 31, 2009


Ahh, Beetroot is such a contentious vegetable. You either love or hate this ugly, earthy clump. Inside though it reveals the most vibrant of colors, that seduces me every time. Staining my fingers I love how it penetrates everything it touches.

We haven't really used much beetroot in our cooking. Mr. P is not fond of its earthy flavour. But since we have been making the now famous Chocolate and Beetroot muffins and more recently Donna Hay's Beetroot cake (more on that later), the kids are quite open to try the root in its more common versions.

The other day I found myself with some leftover grated beetroot after making a Beetroot cake. I certainly wasn't going to give it to the compost, oh no... So here is what I tried out.

Raw Beetroot Salad

Depending on how many people you are preparing this salad for, chose two or three small beetroots. Peel them and grate them coarsly. Next, dice two crunchy apples (granny smith or lady smith are good). Mix the two and watch the apple become ruby red from the juice. Toast some nuts like Walnuts or peacans, or some sunflower seeds and add to the salad.
Mint goes well, or thyme if you have some. Rocket would also add an interesting color contrast.
Next mix oil and white wine vinegar, sea salt and freshly ground pepper and you have yourself a incredibly beautiful salad and so healthy to boot.

Impress and enjoy.

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