Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good mornings

Kids have finished their breakfast. They are full of beans, eager to start the day, venture out and loose themselves in their play. I love these mornings, when we are all so in tune with eachother, happy to be together on this beautiful day. On this particular day however, it is the kids who are in sink. As soon as they finished their bowls of musli, the three of them ran off to an adventure in the sandpit, leaving me at the table with a still hot coffee....

I din't have to think twice! I got my new knitting project out and soaked in the silence and morning sun. Even Tiger felt it and jumped on my lap. I breathed in and tried to enjoy the plans for the rest of the day, chores to do and shopping lists.....just me, the wool and my hot coffee.....


But it was over rather too soon and these little scary faces made me wake up to reality and the rest of the day.

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