Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why does knitting appeal?

At the moment I am never not knitting. I carry my lacy scarf in my handbag, the socks in the car and a half finished project in my knitting basket.

Many claim it is the tactile nature of knitting, the soft, comforting feeling of the yarn as it slips through their fingers only seconds before assuming its place in a neat line-up of loops on the needles. I can certainly attest to that. I often find myself squishing the knitted fabric with my hands, feeling the silky softness, admiring the deep color, or even sticking my nose in a skein of Alpaca.

And then there is the meditative quality of knitting, the repetitive motion that quickly erases the day's tension and worries. Its like a good book, a knitting project has the ability to carry me into a different world. Or if I choose so, I can ponder my thoughts in quiet. I am known to come up with great ideas while quietly knitting away.

Or how about us multi-taskers? You can watch TV while knitting, stand in the que at Medicare and knit, catching up with friends and knit...the options are endless and the hands never idle...

It is amazing to hear stories of all the different reasons people knit and the feeling it evokes?

Do you knit? How do you relax and unwind?

Today is the last day of school for my big girl. Spring Festival is on and the weather is playing along nicely.
Gazanias have started popping up all over town, a sure sign that spring is on its way, despite the still chilly temperatures and intermittent rain.

I met with my friend and a local web-designer to discuss a project that is still hush-hush. Watch this space....

Have a great day, knitting or not.

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