Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In the name of research

I'm back.

The little break was lovely. Although it was gloomy and wintry, the kiddos has a great time running around in the sheep paddock, catching Yabbies in the dam and generally enjoying each others company.

As for the mums, well, lets just say we are planning a kid-free girls week-end, where we can drink cider, eat cheese and sit on our bottoms and knit and sew for as long as we like....

Back home and I have started on the cutest little Milo Vest for my niece Lucia. I am thrilled with how it is turning out and with the fact that I have learned quite a few new techniques along the way....knitting in the round, changing color in the round (and the infamous jog and how to avoid it) and last but not least, I have conquered my fear of cables!!!  I can't believe how ridiculously easy they are and how lovely it looks...silly me. 

If you are looking for cute knit patterns for kids, be sure to check out Tikki's blog, lovely stuff. I'll be making a few more Milo's before Christmas...

Speaking of which, I went to Melbourne today and had a chance to check out a new little shop in Kensington, called Onabee. I stumbled upon it while perusing through Blogland and had to check it out in person. The owner is a lovely lady called Fiona and I simply had to have a chat to her about the ins and out of starting a business.  Her focus is mainly Australian artisan products, wool, fabric and haberdashery. It looks lovely and very 'crafty' .

And as part of my research, I simply had to buy some PEAR TREE yarn to knit the above mentioned Vest for my lovely little goddaughter....the color is Turkey, which is just the oddest name for a yarn, if you ask me.

I promise, I will upload some photos soon.

Have a lovely day,

Must get a camera.....

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Buttons by Lou Lou said...

A girls weekend sounds great!! It does sound like the children had a good holiday though.

I need to go and check out onabee in person. the things I have heard and photos I have seen look gorgeous.

Thanks for joining my link list this week. It was lovely to visit your house. Lou.