Sunday, June 14, 2009

Winter Vegetables

There are some vegetables I could easily live without. Three that come to mind right now are

Brussel Sprouts

But here is the thing: they are seasonal and to be found at every market stall and fruitshop. They are cheaper and look fresh. And I do like variety and I like my kids to meet and taste a variety of fruit and vegetables. But how do I make them interesting to entice our family to try and like them?

Pondering on this question and with a big Cauliflower in my lap I found this recepie on my favorite food blog in blogland, 101 Cookbooks

So simple, so easy and so wonderfully tasty. While Heidi uses this dish as a side, I tweaked the main recipe a bit to fit our requirements. I use her recipe as a pasta sauce, added capers and some toasted pine nuts to the pan and then sprinkled some panko breadcrumbs over the cauliflower once they were done to absorb the oil and add a nice crunch. Tossed through some spaghetti and a drizzle of good Olive oil and we had a winner.

Little G ate the caulies and that means a lot...the secret is that the cauliflowers maintain their crunch and are nicely golden fried. So now we have another vegetable we can add to our repertoire...

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