Monday, April 20, 2009


My three cherubs are all sick....a nasty dose of runny noses, congestion and cough. T started it and the other two followed a few days later. We are still at the stage where all the germs are equally shared amongst all children. I guess we take 'sharing' very seriously in this family. Same happened with the gastro a few weeks back. Back then, they actually took turns and the ordeal of changing bedsheets and PJ's at 2 am lasted 3 days.
For some reason, they don't share with me....I guess someone has to look after everyone. To top it all off I've been a single mum for all intents and purposes. Mr P is breaking his neck every weekend in Melbourne, getting our house ready for rental. That leaves me with the kids 24/7. I'm generally not complaining, I have chosen to stay at home with our children and I am enjoying our togetherness a lot. This year particularly, as the three of them have developed a lovely complicity, I can stand back (often with a cup of tea) and watch them interact and engage in the most magical play.
But I admit that I am tired. Not so much physically but mentally and emotionally. I am one that enjoys solitude, silence and quiet time. I am an only-child after all. To recharge my batteries, I need to be alone sometime, without responsibility and chores to attend to...

But the next best thing is going out for coffee. The kids love it, sit quietly in their chair in anticipation of their froth-filled espresso cups. And sometimes, there is even a mini-marshmallow on the side (T gets his still confiscated by mama). And I sit quietly, watching them and feeling myself relax.

Normally this feeling only ever lasts as long as it takes them to finish their babychino (about 3 minutes flat). Then they are back on their feet, refreshed and energized and we have to go go go. Not this time. They are really feeling flat....well, off we go, home, lunch and bed. For this mama too.

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