Monday, April 13, 2009

Market Day

We've been coming to this weekly farmers market for years now. Before we made the big Tree change, coming to the Wesley Hill Market was a great escape from city life. The produce is beautiful and much better value than in the city. We used to stock up on rustic sourdough bread, honey and local apples to take back to Melbourne.

Now that we live here, going to the market is our regular trip to stock up on fresh fruit and veg. I try to avoid buying my weekly veg supply from the local supermarket. Supporting local growers is one small way we can reduce our footprint. And besides, the quality and variety is amazing and it is wonderful for the kids to see the variety of foods on display.
The market is also a hub of activity, a place where the town meets up for coffee, a chat and where new connections are made. There is the Chai tent and a cafe with the best black brew. We love to do our shopping and then sit down for a coffee and watch people go by.

This week we bough our vegetables from the Organic stall. The last of this seasons Bio dynamic Watermelon, a bit bag of organic mushrooms, some silver beet, kipfler potatoes, tomatoes and a bunch of basil. I had the upcoming Easter Sunday lunch in mind and was planning to make a potato salad and sauteed silver beet to go with the roasts.

H and H came to stay on Friday night, so in the morning we decided to walk to the market instead of jumping in the car....and since I didn't have a car this weekend, it was an easy decision. It was a great walk and the kids had a ball riding their bikes along the back road. If life could be this slow everyday....

H brought up some fresh fish so we made a Thai Green Fish curry. Simple, bursting with the aromas of ginger, kaffir lime and coriander and just so nourishing....

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