Friday, April 03, 2009


Not much fabulous cooking has happened in this house for a few days....after a frenzied bake session for the Autumn Festival, I kind of crashed. I can only have so many late nights... Good thing the fridge is full of leftovers. And a comforting bowl of pasta is just what M. P has been craving. Not that he is unappreciative of my cooking, but he is a man of simple pleasures.
The kids on the other hand have been leafing through the cookbooks that are lying around everywhere and are pointing out dishes they want me to make. Mind you, their focus is mainly on the dessert pages...nevertheless, I am pleased that they are interested in food and I am happy to follow their lead. To teach them the steps involved in preparing their favorite treat, the exited wait in front of the oven and the squeals of delight when they can finally tuck into a warm and crunchy biscuit. It is worth the mess, the flour all over the floor, the sticky fingers .....
But today I want to tell you about the new composting system I have been using. After the failed attempt at composting our kitchen scraps directly in the garden, I got onto the ECO BOKASHI BUCKET. I have been collecting our scraps in this bucken for about a week and a half, squashing everything down each night and adding a handful of the fermenting grains. These grains are pickling the scraps, in turn making the bucket smell rather pleasant (no kidding). It takes all scraps, also meat and some paper. Check out the site for more information as it seems a very clever system.
So yesterday I finally dug a hole in the garden and poured the pickeled goodness into it. And now it is ME waiting, it is ME that will be squeal of delight when I see precious dark soil in that hole. I will be so exited to see all our scraps and left overs turned into something useful and good. That soil will go onto our herb garden and the herbs will find their way into our fool. How cool is that?

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