Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Family Gatherings

In November we have 2 Birthdays that fall one after the it has become tradition to come together as a family and celebrate together. Well, any excuse to get together and share food and wine is good for this family of ours.

As it happened, it is also our first firing of the pizza oven for the season and another pizza fest is booked for the 27th of this month. It is indeed a very busy time of the year and having a pizza oven in the backgarden and plenty of space in the garden means a lot of parties and dinners happen here.

And I love it, as it is so lovely to share food with people we love and cherish. We lead such busy lives and sometimes it seams it is friendships that get neglected. We ensure that our children have plenty of play and social time, but we forget that us adults need this social time too, just to refresh our ideas and realise that we are all in the same phase of our life.

It is not just food that nourishes us....but it sure helps....

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