Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Camping Adventures

I am not a country girl, nor did I grow up camping. No deserts for me or warnings about snakes, redbacks and bull ants or swooping magpies.....oh no. We drove to Italy and France or splashed about on the Costa Brava, stayed in hotels and did souvenir shopping...That sounds awfully posh, but I have wonderful memories of playing in the sand, making friends with kids from all around Europe.

So, finding myself in Australia,  I had to get used to the idea that snakes not only existed in my proximity, but were of the deadliest kind (well, you know what I mean). Add to that the Huntsman, Redback and other malevolent creatures, one can understand my scepticism about camping. Why would I put myself and my kids in such mortal danger? Yes, why indeed.  So while I was more than a bit apprehensive I was curious enough when we were invited to join friends on their camping trip to Parker Hill in the Otways, last summer.

So, 3 camping trips and an expanded camping paraphernalia later, we headed off to Wypefeld National park for a 3-day Spring break. School is starting tomorrow and only now has spring finally arrived with gorgeous weather with buds and blossoms.

Wypefeld is said to be one of the most fascinating an beautiful National Parks in Australia. And spring is definitely the best time to visit. The native flowers and orchids were blossoming and the whole Park was a glorious sea of yellow.

I love being able to leave the house behind and spend the days in the open, going for walks, cooking simple meals and go to bed early. 

I love being the passenger on long drives....uninterrupted knitting time.

For Miss E...

....and me....


mard said...

am loving your 'new look' blog. loving your photos. x

Anonymous said...

Loving that picture of E knitting, Gorgeous xx..Claudia