Monday, October 18, 2010

Back again

It's been a little while....

I stomped out of this space last week, 'cause I got very cross with blogger.....or with the computer, or with technology in general.

After spending some serious precious time composing a post, selecting and uploading pictures, adding links and what not, it all disappeared....I tell you, I was not happy! I probably sat there for two minutes in silent disbelief...I shut the computer, stormed out and went cooking. I had to have a serious think about whether to continue along this path (blogging, e-business, etc.). Could I handle this kind of frustration again? And again?

Well, obviously, I got over it, so here I am once again. What has been happening at my house?

  • finished the first sample top
  • started another sample top
  • Cooked some wicked Vegan meals
  • I had a slice of bread and realised that gluten free melting moments are not fat-free...ahem.
  • Played around with some seriously cool cameras and decided on the one for me
  • Have felt a wide range of emotions, from frustrated (see above) to annoyed and slightly depressed.....
  • Am nevertheless happy, 'cause today is a lovely spring day and that always lifts my spirits.

Found this cute design on this lovely blog

I leave you with some photos taken with a Canon. It's part of an exercise to capture the squishyness and deliciousness of ordinary balls of wool for my new website....(more on that soon, very soon indeed).

1 comment:

mard said...

Am sure i can see myself in anxiety girl! again. great photos. keep it up. don't let something stoopid like technology rock your boat!