Saturday, August 29, 2009

The last of the autum treasures

Sunday the kids went mushrooming with Papa and Huw, Hannah and Jane....It was a rainy autumn day, just perfect to hunt for the rare Morel in the forest. The kids were thrilled and thought it was even more fun than hunting for easter eggs...and that means a lot. When they got home, famished and with rosy cheeks, we researched recipies and dreamed of all the things we can do with our bounty. Fresh pasta with a creamy morel sauce, sauteed with garlic and herbs, scrambled eggs with morels and champignons....ahhh the possibilities....

In the end we decided on fresh fettucine with the mushrooms sauteed in leek and garlic, parsley, congnac and was delightful, luxurious and smooth....what a treat!!!

If you don't know what morels are, check out this site to learn more. And by the way, they retail at about $50 a kilo, just so you know how we felt eating mountains of them with our pasta....and we had some more for breakfast the next morning...Yum.

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