Thursday, April 16, 2009

Winter warmers

Ok, so its not Winter yet and we have been spoiled with some wonderful weather. Or should I say cursed with lack of rain and too much sunshine? Well, admittedly, the rainfall has been pitiful but I can't help but smile when the sky is blue and we have one more day of warmth and short sleeve T'shirts.

But this morning it all changed when the temperatures dropped overnight and the morning was cold and grey. While it didn't yet change my mood for the day, it did call for something warm in our tummies. And what better breakfast is there than a creamy porridge.

But, you might say, porridge is not exactly gourmet food or particularly sophisticated. True, and I have only come to appreciate its nutritional value since spending so much time with Anglo-Saxons. And I am the first to cry out when I am served with grey slop. Mr. P is a great fan of oats. Let me rephrase that. Rolled oats in all shapes and forms is the only breakfast he will eat. Except of course Bacon and Eggs, but that's a weekend treat.

I am sure you all know how to prepare a basic porridge. And I would not bore you with such a recipe except to say that I always add a good pinch of salt to the oats while they are soaking in water. And I never use milk to cook porridge. And we sweeten with raw sugar or honey. That's all I have to say about porridge. Here are some variations I use to jazz up the gruel:

Dried fruit (Apricots, dates, cranberries)
Grated apple and cinnamon
Stewed fruit from the previous nights crumble (very tasty)
Frozen Berries (Very popular!!)

And since today, we have
Porridge with diced apple, cinnamon and toasted almond flakes

And together with a warm woolen jumper and thick socks this would be the best way to start a cold day

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