Thursday, April 16, 2009

Outside time and those socks

Remember that lovely, sunny morning in my kitchen? The hot coffee (as opposed to lukewarm), the cat and my knitting?

Well, here they are. Totally unmatching and the color is just sooooo beautiful, I could eat them...

The wool is Kureyon Sock Yarn from Japan, ridiculosly expesive but as a treat, totally worth it. Or should I say, 'because I am worth it?' Well, G is wearing them reluctantly, but as it is getting cooler, I am sure I can persuade him to wear them. I mean, they are so cute, I could just hang them up decoratively...

I have started on T's woolen socks....I'm on a roll.

We've been given a pair of soccer shoes by a friend and Miss E turned into Maradonna for a few was hillarious, watching her recruit G, set up goal posts and kick the ball. For 2 hours.....And then we just wandered around the garden, enjoying the crips late afternoon air and climbing trees.

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