Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fish and chips my way

This must be every child's favorite meal. Probably more because of the chips than the fish....
Something crumbed used to be on our menu every week. Either that, or Chicken schnitzels. Mr. P and the kids never tire of it. But I guess I did...and since I am cooking....But tonight I did feel like fish and I remembered the Flathead tails in the freezer. And I remembered that recipe that I always wanted to try but never did. The one that used popcorn instead of breadcrumbs. So here we go.

It is simply a matter of replacing the breadcrumbs with popcorn. You put 2 cups of fresh popcorn into a mixer and whizz it for a minute or two until it resembles crumbs. Add some grated parmesan and some salt and pepper, then proceed like usual with your flour and egg wash.
The result is still a crispy coating but a bit lighter I find. I oven baked some chips, steamed broccoli and corn and everybody cheered and life was good!
I went to the gym and missed out on dinner .....

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