Saturday, April 04, 2009

Family Favorites

From this this.... yes !!!! It's dinner !!!!!!!

Chicken with Garlic and Spinach

except, tonight is not chicken it's Tofu ;)

I've made this dish so many times. It is simple, tasty and very versatile as you'll see. Miss E loves it with chicken (she is the carnivore of the family) and today is the first time I have made it with Tofu. It is the perfect standby when you don't know what to do for dinner.

1 tbs butter
500 g chicken thigh / Tofu, cut into cubes
5 cloves garlic or more, depending on taste
1 packet of frozen spinach / 1/2 bunch or more of fresh spinach
1 can evaporated milk, unsweetened
1 stock cube
salt to taste
serve with brown or basmati rice

Heat a saucepan with the butter until melted and bubbly. Fry the garlic for 1 min, add chicken / tofu and saute until golden. Add spinach, milk and stock cube. That's it! Let it bubble until chicken is done. There will be lots of juices, so ladle it over the rice and enjoy.

Now comes the fun part. Today I experimented with different spices. I added some mustard seeds and ground coriander to give it a Indian touch. Once, I had some leftover coconut cream and that gave it a more Thai hint. You could also add different vegetables. I like to keep it green, so I added some frozen peas. Broccoli or zucchini would also go well.

The garlic is definitely the star here so don't be shy; get the best garlic you can get your hands on. Organic, Australian. Don't even bother with the bleached Chinese stuff. It would be a waste, honestly.
And to earn yourself some extra brownie points with the kids, today I threw in a very decadent dessert ...
Meringues with wipped cream and mixed berries

do I need to say more?
At bedtime I mentioned how I would wish there was a tidy-up fairy. Miss E sent me out of their room and ordered me to come back only when she'd call. Well, I came back and E and G had tidied up all their toys; LEGO's in the bucket, cars in the basket and books in the shelf.
I'll make yummy dessert more often.

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