Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy Timon playing in the kitchen.
Not a happy shot. Timon is sick with Roseola, and I am very, very tired....
Christmas day! A new kitchen with lots of wooden fruit and vegetables to cook up a storm. Emilia and Gianluca love to cook and bake and serve everybody who comes to visit cups of tea and cake....
Christmas day at Aprilia and Andrew's. More presents and a lovey christmas trees.
It was a lovely family day and cousin Lucia's first chrissy.
What does one do on a 40C day? Spend it at the pool. What a treat. Emilia is quite the water rat, while Gianluca still needs some coaxing...but once he's in, he loves the cool wet. Timon? Well, so far so good, he sits happily in the water, splashing about.

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